1. Use a tailoring yard to take your measurements. Any other measuring instrument will be inaccurate.
  2. Keep the tape taut, but do not stretch it too much.
  3. Put on your underwear, preferably a non-push-up bra.
  4. Tie a narrow ribbon or a piece of elastic band around your waist, but not too tight. Move around a bit until the elastic band or ribbon finds your natural waist. Remember that this may not be the place where you find the belt of your favorite pants or jeans!
  5. Put on the same shoes that you will wear on your wedding day. If you don't have them yet, put on shoes with the same heel height that you intend to wear.
  6. Place your feet approximately 15 cm (6 inches) apart.
  7. Ask someone to take the measurement for you. This could be a professional seamstress or a family member/friend. Taking a measure is not complicated, but do not do it yourself or you may take inaccurate measurements.

REMEMBER! Even if you have already taken measurements, check them carefully according to our guide. It will only take a few minutes, but you will be sure that you did it according to our instructions.



  1. Chest circumference - This is not the same as bra size. Measure through the nipples, right under the armpit.
  1. Under the bust circumference - Move the tailor's tape measure just below the bust and measure.
  1. Front length - Measure from the top of the shoulder to the waist through the center of the breast.
  1. Bust height - Measure from the base of the neck to the top of the bust.
  1. Back width - Measure from armpit to armpit with arms lowered.
  1. Center of back to waist - The center of the back is the vertical length from the midpoint of the neck (last cervical vertebra - C7) to the natural waist point.
  1. Natural waist - This is your natural waist or its narrowest part. It is usually 2.5 cm (1 inch) or 5 cm (2 inches) above the navel. Don't pull your stomach in unless you want to be able to breathe in on your wedding day and eat a slice of the wedding cake. ;)
  1. Hips circumference - This is the measurement of the widest part of the hips. Measure at its widest point.
  1. Biceps - Enter this measure if you are ordering a wedding dress with short or long sleeves. Flex your biceps and measure them.
  1. Wrist circumference - Use this measure if you are ordering a long sleeved wedding dress. Measure around your wrist.
  1. Sleeve length - If you are ordering a wedding dress with a sleeve, enter the measure where the sleeve ends. Take a measure from the tip of the shoulder (shoulder seam), over the outside of the shoulder and down.
  1. Length from waist to floor in wedding shoes - Take a measure from your waist onto your hip to floor wearing your wedding shoes or other shoes with the same heel high.
  1. Height - Measure without shoes and feet together.
  1. Neck circumference - Enter this measure only if you ordered a dress with a high neck collar. Measure the circumference of the neck.
  1. Length from waist in front to back - Enter this measure only if you have ordered a jumpsuit. Measure from waist in front through crotch to waist in back.
  1. Leg length - Enter this measure only if you have ordered a jumpsuit. Measure from the crotch on the inside of the leg and enter the leg length you want.

ATTENTION! The measure should not be taken too tightly. It's always easier to narrow a dress than to widen it.